Volunteer Opportunities

As Focus on Health quickly approaches, we look forward to you joining us in sharing your skills and knowledge with our clients. Your generosity has kept this program alive!

Focus on Health will be Tuesday through Saturday, April 18 - April 22 and April 25 – April 29, 2017.    If you can help, please let us know at which sites you would like to volunteer by filling out the online volunteer form.  We will contact you to confirm your selection(s) and send you a protocol outlining the procedures for your assignment.

You may reach us at the following email address or by calling 260-266-2472.  In the event a site coordinator has been in contact with you, please let us know where you have volunteered and what area you will be working. This should help us avoid contacting you unnecessarily.

There will be training sessions for our non-medical volunteers at the Carew Medical Park building (first floor atrium), 1818 Carew Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana, date to be announced. You will receive an email regarding the date and time if you need to attend the training. 


Please note………if you are volunteering for Phlebotomy, Blood Pressure, or Summary/Referral, you are not required to attend the above meeting.