Health Screenings

Each Focus on Health location will offer free health checks which include Blood Pressure, Vision, Height, Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) available at all locations. At selected locations, Bone Density screening (osteoporosis), Hearing, Foot, and Oral Cancer screening will also be available free of charge. Francine's Friends will be at select sites to offer mammography. Please call Francine's Friends for an appointment or for more information.


Q: Do I need to fast for any of these screenings?

A: It is recommended that you fast (do not eat or drink anything except water) for 12 hours before the Blood Chemistry Screening. You are encouraged to drink water beginning the evening before the blood draw. Being hydrated will make the blood draw easier for both you and the medical volunteer drawing your blood. Continue to take any prescription medications. If you have Diabetes, check with your doctor firstfasting to avoid your blood sugar level from getting dangerously low. If you are unable to fast for 12 hours, your glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides may be slightly elevated but none of the other results will be affected.


Q: If I am just coming in for the blood tests, what am I required to do? 

A: Everyone that comes in will be asked to fill out registration paperwork and have your blood pressure checked. You will then proceed to the Blood Chemistry Registration table before having your blood drawn. After you have your lab tests drawn, you are to drop off your paperwork at Summary & Referral before you leave the health fair.