FREE Health Checks

Blood Pressure, Height/Weight/BMI, Visual Acuity, Summary/Referral, Hearing, Oral Cancer, Skin Cancer and Foot Screenings, Bone Density and Learning Centers.

Controllable Disease Risk Factors

Smoking, High Blood Pressure, Poor Diet and Nutrition, Lack of Physical Activity, Consuming Too Much Alcohol, Uncontrolled Stress and Anger and Uncontrolled Depression and Anxiety

Prevention is the key... Know Your Risk Factors

Heart Attack Risk Factors:
High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Tobacco Use/Smoking, Poor Diet, Obesity, Inactivity

  • 2018 Focus on Health Locations

    Free Health Checks and Low-Cost Labs scheduled for April 2018 & September 2018

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  • Student Focus on Health

    Teacher Pre-Test and Post-Test Links

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  • Specialty Screening

    Specialty Screening

    Focus on Haelath Speciatly Screening & Locations

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Who should attend?

  • Anyone 18 years of age and older
    • Has never had blood work up or it has been a few years,
    • Those that do not see a family doctor on a regular basis and
    • Those with a history of chronic disease themselves or in their family such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Thyroid, Stroke or Cancer.
    • High Insurance Deductible

    It is better to detect issues before symptoms appear and have the opportunity to prevent progression of a disease or illness before it may lead to more complications.